For Agents, Editors, & Publishers

Agents, editors, and publishers, thank you for your interest in our event! We hope you’ll connect with at least some of the graphic novel projects pitched. All we ask in return is the following:

  • Tweet your submission guidelines using #KidLitGN during or slightly before our scheduled event. Please provide information on how they should submit to you, including how much to send, and how you want them to label their submission in the subject line.
  • Favorite/like the tweets of pitches you would like submitted to you. You can “like” as many tweets as you wish, but please know that it is up to the graphic novel creator to pitch to you or not.  
  • We know you won’t have time to follow the thread all 12 hours of the event, so we’ve provided sub-hashtags to allow industry professionals to search for specific categories, ages, etc. (See our hashtag page here:

Search Tips:

  • To search for a specific categories, type #KidLitGN plus any of the hashtags you’re interested in. For example, for middle grade non-fiction, type #KidLitGN #MG #NF
  • As Twitter is open to all, we cannot control who uses the hashtag throughout the day. Inevitably, we will have spammers using the hashtag. Please feel free to block them and report them to us by Twitter at @KidLitGN or by email at
  • The rules for writers and illustrators to enter are here: In short, author-illustrators are allowed to include one illustration with each pitch. Authors-only are required to have a submission-ready manuscript to send. Each person is allowed to pitch three separate works up to three times each throughout the course of the event. 

If you need to contact us throughout the day with questions or concerns, please feel free to message us on Twitter at @KidLitGN or email us at Also, if you would be willing to provide feedback as to how the pitch event would better serve you in the future, please email your recommendations to

Thank you for joining us!